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Oct 06, 08 @ 12:50pm]
i did NO homework this weekend. absolutely none. and it is the best feeling ever because i have next to nothing due this week. and this weekend = fall break. so next week is slack too. these will be my only 2 not-crazy-stressed-out-of-my-life weeks of the semester, if not the year. too bad i probably should be studying for the mcat....

-work at the ER is taking over my life. STUPID ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS!
-my room is a disastah
-i love kyle
-classes suck
-uva lost to duke and then shut out maryland...WTF FOOTBALL??
-watching every single episode of Friends w/ rachel...again 2 years later = awesome
-coheed in 17 days!
-about to hook the sega genesis and play sonic!!!
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Sep 01, 08 @ 09:32am]
1 week into classes and i'm so super super stressed. my classes are going to destroy me. i have no slack classes. i have no easy classes. i have no moderately easy classes. physical chemistry, motion biomechanics, BME systems analysis, and BME integrated design experimental analysis lab. plus marching band. plus work at the ER. this is my first semester without at least one slack class that i know i don't have to worry about. this is without a doubt going to be the roughest semester yet. by far.

but life is not all bad. i am finally going out with my best friend who's liked me for a year. i love my housemates. band is good, though i miss kelly.

things to look forward to:
-3 day weekends again for the rest of the semester
-my cousin's wedding
-camping with kyle over fall break
-the rocket summer concert
-coheed and cambria in new york
-NOT harry potter in november. WTFFFFFF
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Jul 29, 08 @ 05:48pm]
cory and anthony:

i am not doing your memes because i am too lazy, but reading them makes me miss you. a lot. and yes i am typing this in livejournal. because i am lame. but i am sad i didn't get to see you much this summer. and i know that with our schedules i won't get to see you much during the semester. which makes me sooo happy that we're seeing coheed in october because it is going to be so much fun and there's nobody else i'd rather go with. i am sooo sappy and lame right now i can't even believe myself. love love love. DON'T JUDGE ME.
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Jul 27, 08 @ 07:14pm]
another kitty hawk fam trip come and gone. the first year i haven't been there the entire time. depressing, but at least i was there for several whole days. i really love the beach so much. sometimes when i've been away from it for a while, i go "there's no way i actually like the beach as much as i think i do"...but then i get to the beach and i really really do.

one and a half weeks of orgo to go. test monday, test friday, lab final monday, lecture final wednesday. one and a half weeks of pure hell. but then DONE. and haui'll come on thursday and hanging all weekend with the cousins in charlotte!! that helps me be not so depressed that the beach is over. to vb for 2 days, ER work on wednesday, then band camp on thursday. summer = over. sooo fast. also, the next time i'm in kitty hawk i'll be done with med school applications. WTF, srsly!?! that is wack. wiggedy wack, even. i wanna go somewhere awesome and medical related for like a month next summer, then freaking chill and be lazy the other 2 months. and be at kitty hawk the entire week instead of having to leave for fucking organic chemmmm tests and labs.

enough procrastination, back to enols and enolates and carboxylic acids.
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Jun 22, 08 @ 10:35pm]
this weekend was fantaaaastic. i think/hope i beasted my 2nd orgo test on friday, meaning i'm halfway through with first semester! had some well deserved nappage, was productive and cleaned my room, made a late-night trip to teeter, and finally played some awesome battlefront with tyler til 2 am. saw bailee saturday morning, worked on my lab report with katie til 3...we are getting super efficient at them and they're not nearly as bad as i always imagine they will be in my head. then natalie got here and she and lauren and i went hiking! and it was super awesome and the most exercise i have had since school ended. i am a lazy-ass motherfucker. oh i forgot i bought crayons at teeter and tyler and i had each drawn a picture and hung it on the fridge, and so lauren and natalie and i drew pretty pictures and then cooked delicious dinner and got schwasted in the process and had deep conversations and they are amazing and i love rod-girls because we have so many similarities. then tyler got home from work and played catch-up to join us in our waste-face-ness and then evan and rippe came over and we all hung out until i was ready to ptfo. this morning lauren and natalie came back over and we made delicious blueberry pancakes. then we went to michael's in search of beads to make anklets which took a hella long time and then we came back and cooked cokoies and made said anklets while watching arrested development which we are all now obsessed with. then we made din-din again and drew more awesome crayon pictures and watched more arrested development and it was a very successful weekend.

only 2 more weeks til 4th of july celebratory 126-cup pong shitfest!!
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Jun 14, 08 @ 11:33pm]
been introspective today. i cry really easily when i think about middle school (and sometimes high school) for no real reason, just that i wish i could experience it again. i was looking through some stuff in my desk and saw a kemps landing newsletter thing that was summarizing the first 9 weeks of my 7th grade year, and on my team's part it was like "awards for these subjects...blah blah and best all-around: Meredith Pearson" and i really miss when i actually used to be at the top of stuff. i always wanted the respect and approval of teachers, to a fault, and so much of the way i thought (and still do think, sometimes) when around teachers was how much i wanted them to think i was smart, and to think i was a good person. and now in college i miss the discussions and more personal interactions that existed between teachers and students. like i remember in 8th grade when i was on exec board of SCA and i loved skipping lunch to go make posters or do other SCA work in Mr. Nixon's room and talking to him while i was there. i never fully appreciated those kinds of moments. i don't keep in touch with any teachers. even ms. greber i haven't seen in almost a year. and i know i can't change anything about the past but i dwell on it so much.

and now all 4 of the "same generation" cousins are 18 and high school graduates. yesterday i hung out with parker before, during, and after amanda's graduation ceremony, and in the middle i realized i hadn't even seen him since new year's. but it didn't seem that long because we know each other so well it's not uncomfortable even for a second. we stayed up til 4 playing battlefront. and it sucked cuz he had to leave early today, and makes me realize even more how sad i am that i have to miss basically all of the beach. i think i'm going to skip lecture that monday to stay longer. i am so thankful that i have cousins who i am so close to and have basically grown up with. i can't even comprehend when my friends say "yeah, i haven't seen my cousins in years" because jonathan and parker are such a huge part of my lives. with friends you can only reminisce as far back as you've known each other, but i can talk with them about such a huge range of events, and we have inside jokes that go on for more than a decade and a half. it's like no time has passed every time i see them. and parker is one of the very few people i can be one-on-one with and feel completely at ease.

ummmmmmmmm the rocket summer is a really good band. i have listened to them pretty much constantly the past 2 weeks. i need to buy random posters of neurons and the heart to hang in my room to showcase my nerd. we have no internet in my house. i walk the 6 minutes to the e-school and sit outside to check my mail. i love my new house. we have a constant supply of ice pops.
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Jun 05, 08 @ 09:21pm]
good-bye, 4 weeks of lazy summer.

hello, 8 weeks of organic chemistry.
and organic chemistry lab.
and scribing at the ER.
and living in my new house with Tyler.
and cooking with Kevin.
and hanging out with other UVa kids.

i'm super excited :)
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Mar 29, 08 @ 02:04pm]
oh my god. my best friend from kindergarten through pretty much 9th grade just friended me on facebook. and she is married. legitimately married. there are pictures of her wedding. we were inseparable from kindergarten through 4th grade when i left to go to ODC, and even then through middle school we were really really close. after about 9th grade we stopped talking, but we basically lived at each other's houses over the summers in elementary school. like, for weeks at a time. i went everywhere with her family and she came everywhere with mine. we never fought and i always had the best times with her. i still have the present she gave to me in 1997--stained glass picture with "Meredith" and "Brittany" and "best friends forever" and it always makes me think of all the times we spent at busch gardens or at her pool or at the mall with her family or taking swim lessons or hanging with Amanda and her brother Jojo. I remember in 2nd grade when her mom was pregnant with her sister, and in this wedding photos she looks so old...well, because she is.

Brittany just turned 20 on the 24th of march, so she must've been 19 when she got married. 19. i feel like i'm still a kid whose only responsibility is to learn and prepare for the future. but for her, the future is...now, i guess. we were so similar and it is freaking me out. i still picture us as little kids playing school (she always wanted to be a teacher). i've never even had a boyfriend, and she's married. life is weird.
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Mar 18, 08 @ 10:03pm]
this semester is killing me. i have never studied so much for exams only to receive B+'s and A-'s...barely. I've never studied this much for exams PERIOD. I NEED A-'s in both physiology and cell/molecular bio (as that's all i can hope for now), but i don't know if even that is possible. I have no free time. I live in the library when i'm not in class and I do work. And I wake up at 8 in the morning and go to the gym before my 11:00s every day and even though it makes me tired for the rest of the day I don't care because beach week is in less than 2 months. beach week beach week it is the ONLY thing getting me through this semester. it's all i think about...when i'm not thinking about how poorly i'm doing in my classes and now i have no excuses because i am trying my hardest and it's still not enough. i want a higher gpa; not that my gpa is "bad," but i freak out about med schools and i look at the averages of those matriculating and i want to be better than the average. my friends in the college (College of Arts and Sciences) seriously do not understand the amount of work that engineering, especially biomedical, requires, and then add my pre-med requirements, like my scribe job at the emergency room, which will soon be 20 hours a week. e.g., for my mythology exam (clearly a college course) i studied for maybe 2 hours total, got a 93; i studied for dozens of hours, not even exaggerating, for cell/molec and physiology and I got an 87 and a 90. THAT IS NOT FAIR. i have never worked this hard in my life. i want to cry but i don't have time.
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Feb 10, 08 @ 08:37pm]
best. weekend. ever.

thursday: rodbonding...with everyone! well, everyone good anyway. speed quarters and kings and it was amazing.

friday: 126-cup pong!! no, that's not a typo. it was EPIC. and at the end it came down to 1 cup v. 1 cup so we all drank all of the beer hahaha. so yeah that was with awesome band people and clearly was also amazing. one game of pong pretty much took care of the whole night.

saturday: BID DAY!!! woke up early...and i mean early...to give out 11 bids to MCs for kkpsi! sigma! i can't believe it was a whole year from when i got my bid. then service project which is not bad at all when you are with people who want to be there. and then spontaneous football because it was such a gorgeous day out. grocery shopping with jason! and then wii and scattergories and ice cream at mcshazzy and then BID NIGHT FESTIVITIES with kelly and my traditional face paintings. i love kkpsi. and then PARTY at shamrock which was the best night of all of them and kevin and i owned at beer pong and i love everyone there.

summary: i love my rod-friends. i love my kkpsi friends. i love my non-kkpsi friends. and i got to hang out with almost every single person at this university who I love. and even get closer to those who I already considered my friends. i may be sick and tired right now, but it was soo worth it.
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Jan 27, 08 @ 02:31am]
perfect perfect perfect night.

band banquet. with piccolos. with my 2 favorite piccolos. so much fun. i love my section. we are awesome. we are fat-asses. we are so ridiculously awesomely lame. i would not change my section for the world. i will miss kelly so much next year.

then party at mcshazzy. pregaming with rachel and katie and kyle. partying with them and kelly and tyler and josh and laura and max and amanda and bryan and funston and rodney and alley and everyone else. flip cup. beer pong. quarters. friends.

i want every night of college to be like this. this was perfect. and hanging out with kimmy and rachel and kyle the night before at wal-mart. being lame. and awesome. at the same time. i love my life. but i love my life and my friends.
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Jan 03, 08 @ 12:45pm]
christmas break so far:
-made fake peanut butter/sugar cookies with my friends
-saw my final semester grades and freaked out b/c i raised my gpa
-lived in my house for 4 days with 16 family members :) pure christmas insanity and i loved it
-had a freaking fantastic christmas with my cousins
-played a lot of star wars battlefront with ki & t. am now obsessed
-went to the gator bowl in jacksonville!!! it was incredible, i love my band friends so much. got crunk, had a good new year's, went on new rollercoasters, tried to find porn to watch on hbo, but settled for the history of sex on the history channel. even the 12 hour bus rides were fun :)
-tomorrow leaving to hang out with friends again! soo excited!

in summary, this has been the busiest break that ever existed. i had exactly 3 days at home before all my family came, then went straight to nags head, then straight to jacksonville, and now i'm about to leave again for more good times. dunno when i'm heading back to c'ville. 14th at the latest so i can get crunk with lambeth kids per the plan :D NO FRIDAY CLASSES THIS SEMESTER SUCK IT!!!
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Nov 21, 07 @ 08:49pm]
yay thanksgiving break...which equals a little over 2 full days. oh well. last night was sweet. i love that i come home for a few days, see my friends and it's like i haven't even been gone from them. we are RIDIC. also, i am bored, soooooCollapse )
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Oct 21, 07 @ 01:30pm]
friday and saturday were amazing. friday night = rod-bonding. dinner, which turned into pregaming a hockey game at lauren's, which turned into not going to the hockey game and instead drinking at my apt. rod-drunk is awesome.

then saturday OMG MARYLAND GAME. BEST GAME EVER. so intense and we beat maryland at maryland and scored the winning touchdown with less than 1 minute left after converting a 4th and 4 play that had to be reviewed and we were all jumping around and i was squeezing bailee and kelly's hands so hard and we played awesome songs as we were all high on winning and now we're 7-1 and undefeated in the ACC and freaking 100% without-a-doubt going to a bowl game. i am so freaking excited i can't put it into words. but seeing the intensity and excitement around me in the stands with the people i love just made me realize how much i love CMB. all the members care so much, and we feel so much more connected to football and the plays and the overall record. i came home at 3:15 am, got onto AIM, where all my "non-band" friends had away messages like "sleep" or "goodnight" or "lala whatevs" and not a single thing about the football game...that was actually televised on espn2. but today all of my band friends have away messages saying how psyched they are that we won. i just can't even imagine my college experience without this band and the people in it. and even though i've already listened to 2 hours physiology lectures today and have 3 more to go, and studying for statics and doing physics pre-lab and doing stupid matlab thing and biom 200 group meeting...i dont care so much because i'm already excited for thursday night when after practice a bunch of us are going to kyle's apt and watching the boston college v. tech game and then 4th mealing it afterwards. oh my god life is awesome.

and also, the course directory came out on friday and i am going to have NO FRIDAY CLASSES next semester. yeah suck on that, i will have 3 day weekends and i will party on thursdays without abandon and i can visit people and home more easily and yeah i'm pretty psyched for that too.
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Oct 08, 07 @ 10:34pm]
ohhh fall break was awesome. and i still don't have school tomorrow. yessshh. went to tech and stayed with cory, was joined by mike, greg, anthony, rachel, chase, lauren, and liz and had wonderful times, both drunken and sober. dinner at sharkeys on sunday might have been the funniest thing of my life. and though others might disagree, i still uphold my thought that using the top of my bread bun to soak up spilled water was a good idea. and those cinnamon/sugar puffs of deliciousness were pure stolen heaven. other fun events included: kings (DAMMIT "CHICKS" CLINK YOUR CUPS WITH ME), crazy singing of songs, kroger at midnight, sleeping in, trying to learn the soulja boy dance, getting excited with cory over ordering the oreo pizza from domino's, and just other basic awesomeness. echoing anthony's sentiment, yaaay friends!
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Oct 02, 07 @ 11:48am]
um i am copying cory and anthony and doan b/c i am so bored and today feels like a day where i just want to sit inside and sleep all day long. unfortunately, that cannot happen.


1. Your last relationship ... this is like one of those "divide by 0" problems

2. I am listening to ... The Receiving End of Sirens

3. Maybe I should ... study for my prob/stat exam tomorrow

5. Chocolate is ... my true love

6. I don't understand ... why statics suddenly became infinitely difficult

7. I have lost my respect for ... iunno

8. I last ate ... some popcorn i popped myself :)

9. The meaning of my screenname ... parker and i were obsessed with the price is right. good times.

10. God ... ;lksdjfsdl

11. Someday ... I better be in medical school

12. I will always remember ... being a kid

13. Love ... blows

14. My MySpace is ... ba-leted!

15. Today ... I hit the snooze button roughly 12 times. for real.

16. Tomorrow ... is my effing prob/stat exam

17. I get annoyed ... when people in band think they're better than everyone else

18. Parties ... are the best things of my life

19. Alcohol is ... a lovely thing that made me pass out on friday night

20. Simple kisses ... ??

21. Change ... is laaaame.

22. Today I ... learned about ECGs

23. I wish ... I didn't always want what I can't have

10 firsts:
1 - First boyfriend/girlfriend: *divide by 0 insanity again*
2 - First best friend: Lisa Hartley
3 - First screen name: queenmouth
4 - First kiss: boy at frat party. but the situation was much less sketch than that makes it sound.
5 - First good one: not applicable
6 - First piercing(s): ears like 8 years ago or something
7 - First crush: um probably kyle perry and/or jonathan meadows in elementary school (yeah i was pretty happy when in PE i sat between them b/c of our last names)
8 - First stuffed animal: i think i had a lamb thing?
9 - First CD purchase: dunno
10 - First time living on your own: yay college!

9 lasts:
1 - Last cigarette: never!
2 - Last alcoholic beverage: friday night, but don't remember what it was
3 - Last kiss: mardi gras
4 - Last movie seen: Anchorman
5 - Last TV watched: mythbusters!
6 - Last phone call: um matt when we were trying to figure out statics and then decided to kill ourselves instead
7 - Last CD played: i don't listen to compact discs
8 - Last bubble bath: probably never
9 - Last time you cried: omg in the shower yesterday my facewash got in my eyes and it was like the worst pain i've ever experienced

8 have you evers:
1 - Have you ever dated one of your best friends: no
2 - Have you ever skinny dipped: yep
3 - Have you ever been on TV: i think there was a glimpse of me in the band at a game last year on espn
4 - Have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: actually, not really
5 - Have you ever had a sex dream about someone you knew: yep
6 - Have you ever lost someone you loved: yeah
7 - Have you ever been depressed: um HELLO i'm a 19 year old girl
8 - Have you ever been in love: no

7 places you've been to:
1. va beach
2. kitty hawk
3. myrtle beach
4. bahamas
5. st. martin/maarten
6. st. john's

6 things you've done today:
1. went to physiology
2. slept
3. bought powerade from 7-11
4. eff it's only noon
5. and i haven't really
6. done anything yet

5 favorite things in NO order: (um yeah cory and anthony i basically kept these the same too...)
1. the beach
2. UVa
3. friends
4. music
5. food

4 people you can tell [almost] anything to:
1. Amanda
2. Cory
3. Katie
4. Rachel&Kimmy(i'm lame i couldn't not put one)

3 wishes:
1. I wish my BIOM 200 professor wasn't such a tool.
2. I wish I could live with everyone I want to next year.
3. I wish I were amazing at something.

2 things you want to do before you die:
1. have a boyfriend
2. be a good doctor

1 thing you regret:
1. not taking advantage of all the opportunities here last year
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Sep 16, 07 @ 10:19am]
it has been so long since i've posted. the semester is going well, but physiology is going to kick my ass. i love having my own room. though it's always messy. tennis with kimmy is awesome, as i knew it would be. i miss seeing her every day, though. i dont see the girls next door as much i would like. i miss them too. i think i'm living in a house with band people next year, next to a ton of other band people and only a 6 minute walk to the e-school. that will be amazing. even though i'm only a 2nd year, i keep thinking about when the current 3rd years graduate and how weird it's going to be. that's still 2 whole years away, but it's already making me sad. OH MY GOD I'M A 2ND YEAR IN COLLEGE. where the hell did the first year go? it feels like it was only a dream sometimes. i can't handle time going this fast. and in june my sister and cousin will be graduating high school. that can't happen. that only happened to me like 2 seconds ago. i can't grow up. last night we were saying we wanted to stay 19 forever. what a great age. and if my cousin gets engaged anytime soon i will cry. actually, i will. he's still one of us. he can't get married and not live with us at the beach and not sleep with us in the game room at christmas. oh my god i'm in such a downward spiral of thought right now. i hate time. i hate change. i can't grow up. i hate growing up.
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Aug 21, 07 @ 12:26am]
i am still at band camp. it is awesome. tonight's rehearsal was amazing. i love when it's awesome outside and we're on the field and the band starts to play and it just gives you that...feeling, ya know? there are no words to describe it. also, i love my section. we make bowling way more fun than it should be. i am so happy to be a piccolo. we are the coolest/funniest people ever.
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Aug 15, 07 @ 07:30pm]
Soo…I’m sitting in my apartment watching scrubs and eating oatmeal with brown sugar. I just had some delicious spaghetti that I cooked myself with some sauce and meatballs that my mom made and froze for me. I’m basically all unpacked, except that I have to pack again for band camp tomorrow morning. My room’s looking pretty sweet, except that I need to print out more pictures and hang up some more stuff on the walls. And I am not very good at making even-heighted (there’s really no other word to describe that) holes in the wall, even with a balance. Doesn’t feel real being back in Charlottesville again ahhh I don’t want to go to class again. Actually, I’m typing this in Word b/c my internet is not working. That kind of sucks. I hate it when I’m done unpacking stuff and there are things I thought I had here, and then realize that I don’t. That kind of sucks too. But anyway it’s great seeing people again, and Kimmy and Whitney are coming over again lataaaaaa…and I probably should start packing now. Ohhhhhh my life has become so one-dimensional. Pack. Unpack. Pack. Unpack. Also, I need to buy groceries next week.
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Jul 29, 07 @ 05:39pm]
needless to say, beach week was amazing. i found a new love in skimboarding. i beasted at ping pong. i hung out 24/7 with my cousins. i ate a lot of food. the weather was perfect. the water was...almost perfect. perfect temperature, anyway. i am sad to be home again. and working 49 hours this week. 2 weeks almost exactly until i go to UVa. word. let's do hang out or something. call me.
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